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A static site generator that generates routes based on directories naturally.


Hikaru is a command line program (not a module) and you can install it from NPM:

# npm i -g hikarujs

If you are an Arch Linux user, you can also install package hikarujs from AUR.

Hikaru works on Node.js v8.9.0 LTS or later.

Setup site

$ hikaru i hikaru-site
$ cd hikaru-site
$ npm install

Install theme

Clone theme

Using hikaru-theme-aria as example:

$ git clone https://github.com/AlynxZhou/hikaru-theme-aria.git themes/aria

Or if you want commit the whole site you can use submodule:

$ git submodule add https://github.com/AlynxZhou/hikaru-theme-aria.git themes/aria

Edit site config

$ $EDITOR siteConfig.yml

Set themeDir to themes/aria

themeDir: themes/aria

Don't forget to copy your theme config to site's dir and edit it as its README file.

Create src file

Edit file

$ $EDITOR srcs/my-first-post.md

Add front matter

title: My First Post
createdDate: 2018-08-08 09:27:00
layout: post

Add content

Some content...


# This is my first post!

Start live server

$ hikaru s

Build static files

$ hikaru b


Docs: https://hikaru.alynx.one/

Repo: GitHub

Default theme ARIA: hikaru-theme-aria

My blog built with Hikaru and ARIA: 喵's StackHarbor