A static site generator that generates routes based on directories naturally.

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Hikaru is a command line program (not a module) and you can install it from NPM:

# npm i -g hikarujs

If you are an Arch Linux user, you can also install package hikarujs from AUR.

Hikaru works on Node.js v10.13.0 LTS or later.

Setup site

$ mkdir hikaru-site && cd hikaru-site
$ hikaru init && npm install

Install theme

Clone theme

Using hikaru-theme-aria as example:

$ git clone https://github.com/AlynxZhou/hikaru-theme-aria.git themes/aria

Or if you want commit the whole site you can use submodule:

$ git submodule add https://github.com/AlynxZhou/hikaru-theme-aria.git themes/aria

Edit site config

$ $EDITOR site-config.yaml

Set themeDir to themes/aria

themeDir: themes/aria

Don't forget to copy your theme config to site's dir and edit it as its README file.

Create src file

Edit file

$ $EDITOR srcs/my-first-post.md

Add front matter

title: My First Post
created: 2018-08-08T09:27:00
layout: post

Add content

Some content...


# This is my first post!

Start live server

$ hikaru serve

Build static files

$ hikaru build


Docs: https://hikaru.alynx.one/

Repo: GitHub

Default theme ARIA: hikaru-theme-aria

My blog built with Hikaru and ARIA: 喵's StackHarbor



For Stylus and nib

Since Hikaru v1.2.11, nib was dropped because its the only dependency has NodeJS 14 warnings, and many nib features can be done in newer CSS. So it was splitted into a single plugin.

If you need nib for your theme, please install hikaru-renderer-stylus-nib to your site.

I may re-add nib into Hikaru if they solve the issue.