Tutorial: Init


Init Site

Init site

After installing Hikaru, you can use following command to setup a site directory:

$ hikaru init hikaru-site
$ cd hikaru-site

The directory looks like:

    |- srcs/
    |- docs/
    |- themes/
    |- siteConfig.yml
    |- package.json

Install plugins

Just run one command.

$ npm install

Install theme

Before rendering, you need a theme as a template.

Clone theme

Using hikaru-theme-aria as example:

$ git clone https://github.com/AlynxZhou/hikaru-theme-aria.git themes/aria

Or if you want commit the whole site you can use submodule:

$ git submodule add https://github.com/AlynxZhou/hikaru-theme-aria.git themes/aria

Edit site config

$ $EDITOR siteConfig.yml

Set themeDir to themes/aria

themeDir: themes/aria

Don't forget to copy your theme config to site's dir and edit it as its README file.

File info


This contains most site config.


This contains your site's source files.


Your source files will be built to this directory.


This contains your site's themes.

Most of those dirs can be changed in siteConfig.yml.